Photo Printing

Photo Printing

Professional Quality Prints

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     Baker Photo & Video offers large-format archival-quality printing in standard and custom sizes for all your images. To make sure that your photo looks their absolute best, we pay personal attention to detail by using color calibrated system-- from start to finish.
We accept files in any digital media format-- even cell phone photos are fine. Can't come to our store? Fill out our online form or photo submission by clicking HERE. Or, send a detailed email to along with the photos. Please ensure to include your name and phone number as well. 
Canvas / Premium Luster Prints
We also Print and Stretch
All our services are available for a competitive price.
*All our services are available for a competitive price.*

Click the link below to submit your project media for Professional Printing / Restoration / Graphic Design / Photo Editing and stretching / Video Editing / Audio Mixing and Editing and Slide Show production CLICK HERE to fill out an initial contact form and our team will be with you as soon as possible. 

Other Related Services, 

Photo Restoration

Whether it's restoring old photos or repairing damages on it, we can handle it all.

Passport Photos

A One-Stop Destination for Passport Photos.  For $15.00, we provide two copies of your photo. Photos may be customized to match different countries and or passport rules.

Slide Shows

We can turn your photos into an amazing slideshow you can share with your friends and family.

Memory Card Recovery

Can't access files on your memory card? Visit our local, family-owned store to recover the files.

Have questions or need help? 

 Contact our team at Baker Photo and Video and we will happily assist you.

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