Lens Calibration

Lens Calibration

Lens Calibration

We Can Get Your Camera Lens Calibrated Within an Hour

After spending thousands of dollars on camera equipment, you might find it frustrating when the focus isn't right. This might not be as noticeable on a 10-12 MP sensor, but will be much more noticeable on a 16+ MP sensor.
Whether it's calibrating your lens or re-calibrating your camera equipment, get in touch with Baker Photo & Video. We fine-tune autofocus on each camera, for each lens you own. The cost to get your lenses calibrated to your camera is $25.00 per lens.

Factors That Affect Your Camera's Autofocus

  • Manufacturer defects
  • Sample variation
  • Insufficient quality assurance testing or tuning
  • Improper shipping and handling
Please remember to bring the camera body you use, a charged battery, and a memory card.

*All our services are available for a competitive price.*

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Have questions or need help? 

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