Nikon F 35mm Camera with Nikkor-S 50mm lens

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Nikon F w/ 50mm



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F-mount lens production continues to this day, and comprises the largest collection of optical lenses ever created. It has the highest degree of backward and forward compatibility of any lens system in the world, with countless vintage lenses being compatible with Nikon’s modern, professional-grade DSLRs. Some F-mount lenses, like the 58mm ƒ/1.2 Noct-Nikkor, have achieved legendary status, and are considered among the best lenses in the world from any manufacturer of any era.

Aesthetically the Nikon F is a classically styled machine. It wields a clarity of design that’s entirely businesslike. There’s nothing extraneous about it. Only the bare essentials are here, and they’re rendered in a way that is clear, concise, and purposeful. The Photomic Finders can be polarizing, with some considering them to be large, unwieldy masses slapped on top of an otherwise elegant body. This point is valid, though use of a pentaprism or waist-level finder can mitigate it for those who are prohibitively appalled by the Photomics.

This full-metal camera comes in choice of black or chrome finish. In black, the F looks intensely professional, and is perfect for the wannabe photojournalist or street shooter. Chrome models are nicely finished in a contrasty pattern of satin silver and black. On both versions, the dimpled, black trim is of the most resilient found on any vintage camera, and won’t degrade like many of the leatherettes found on similar machines. Muscular and refined, the F is a camera that will draw looks of intrigue and admiration in an era of plastic, bubbly DSLRs.

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