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401 W Main St.
Yukon, OK 73099
United States

(405) 350-8011

Baker Photo & Video has been serving the needs of Oklahoma photographers since 1999. We pride ourselves on being a service based company, not a sales based company. 

Camera/Lens Calibration


Why is there a need to calibrate lenses?

Various factors such as manufacturer defects, sample variation, insufficient quality assurance testing/tuning and improper shipping and handling can all negatively impact autofocus precision. Photographers experience frustration after spending thousands of dollars on camera equipment and not being able to get anything in focus. While the increase of megapixels in our cameras have a number of benefits, it can also expose potential focus problems. A slight focus issue might not be as noticeable on a 10-12 MP sensor, but will be much more noticeable on a 25+ MP sensor. Hence, the need for a properly calibrated camera setup today is bigger than ever.

An important fact to keep in mind, is that calibration is camera and lens specific, which means that if you have multiple cameras and lenses, you have to fine tune autofocus on each camera, for each lens you own. In addition, you might need to periodically re-calibrate your camera gear.

The cost to get your lenses calibrated to your camera is $25.00 per lens.  

We finish lens calibrations within 24 hours no matter how many you have. 

If you need them done sooner we can do so for an additional fee.